Wengie is a DIY and lifestyle star whose influence has grown at staggering numbers. Having gained over 5MM subscribers in less than a year—unprecedented growth for a YouTuber—she’s proven to be in a league of her own.

Wengie’s unique ability to deliver vibrant, informative and highly-relatable content (including her immensely popular life “hacks” series) to a global audience—with signature quirk and humor—keeps her zealous ‘Wengiecorns’ wanting more. This unparalleled closeness and trust with her fans has cemented Wengie’s power as a leading content collaborator for high-profile and emerging brands.

As one of Australia’s most influential YouTube stars and personalities, Wengie has leveraged her prominence on digital media to tackle other creative realms. She recorded her first music album in China in 2017 and is the voice of the fourth “Powerpuff Girl” on the Cartoon Network. Wengie’s music releases have skyrocketed to the top of the charts with her single ‘Oh I Do’ hitting #5 on the Honggebang charts in China. Her song “Deja Vu,” which premiered September 2018 has over 6.1 million views; and “Cake,” which premiered August 2018, has garnered over 8.5 million views on YouTube. Most recently Wengie dropped her “Ugly Christmas Sweater” song, which hit the #1 spot on YouTube’s trending list with nearly 2 million views in its first day, and 8.6 million to date. Wengie aims to bring positivity and fun to her audience, through fun songs in which “east meets west” (K-pop meets American-pop). Her musical influences include BLACKPINK, Hyuna, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

Born second-generation Chinese-Australian, Wengie’s mission is to inspire women to feel beautiful, confident, and special—and to show them that no matter what they were born with or born into, no dream is out of reach.


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