food with soy

Soy Nguyen

Soy Nguyen, also known as “FoodwithSoy,” is a beloved digital media trailblazer whose content invites viewers to join her in the ultimate adventure: to try different cuisines, to learn of different cultures, and most importantly, to be compassionate to others and yourself.

What started as a humble creative outlet in 2019 eventually grew into a passion to connect with and inspire her community through a language universal to us all: food. In 2020, Soy started her “Eat with Me’’ series, calling viewers to simply eat a meal with her – a most comforting gesture during a time when physical connection was limited due to the recent pandemic. Soy’s popularity skyrocketed (40M+ likes on TikTok) as viewers sought peace and connection within the safe space of a shared meal. Soy’s ever-growing community enjoys a diverse palette of content comprised of: taste tests; food hacks; small business highlights; and peeks into her own life, which tend to highlight her Vietnamese-American heritage and love for Vietnamese food (with heartwarming cameos from her family — most notably her mother, whose big heart and passion for food indubitably inspire Soy’s).

In 2022, Soy was crowned Foodie Influencer of the Year and TikTok’s API trailblazer titles that speak to Soy’s unique ability to celebrate what makes us special, while encouraging viewers to practice patience and positivity.

Always with a contagious smile, Soy continues to deliver vibrant, delicious, light-hearted content with an underlying and emphatic message her viewers cannot help but walk away with: it is a beautiful thing to stay curious and caring.