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Jenn Im

total reach 6.3MM+

Jenn Im is the most influential Asian American beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber in the world. Since its debut in 2017, “Eggie,” Jenn’s own clothing line of affordable everyday staples has grossed over $1MM in sales and continues to see sold-out collection drops every quarter.

With her polished yet accessible style, she empowers subscribers to dress with confidence while sta ying true to themselves. Known for her highly curated content and easy charm, Jenn is a leading content collaborator for many major brands and publications. Recent partnerships include: Levi’s, Smartwater, the NBC Olympics, Target, La Mer, Smashbox, Clinique, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, Disney, and Lancôme. She is also an Ambassador for Goodwill.

Jenn’s ability to connect with audiences and invite them into her universe has garnered avid superfans all over the world—and more every day.

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