Tam Mai

Tâm Mai

Tam Mai is a first-generation Vietnamese-American content creator known for her cool, effortless style, esthetician tips, and mental health and wellness advice.

When Tam isn’t capturing her audience with her amazing try-on hauls on TikTok, she’s teaching her authentic followers to stay true to themselves and practice self-care, especially while growing up in your 20s. Tam recently moved from New York, where she had spent the past 5 years, to Dallas, Texas where she plans on continuing to grow and create a mindful and positive community around her both on and offline.

Tam’s calming yet edgy personality has landed her major brand deals such as Skims, True Religion, Casetify, and Amazon Fashion. Fun fact about Tam is that she is also a licensed esthetician who focused on eyebrows and eyelash extensions prior to becoming a full-time content creator.

Tam’s goal is to continue to inspire her followers and be the best version of herself in her new beginnings in Dallas.