Ben Joliffe

Ben Jolliffe

Ben Jolliffe is a rising lifestyle YouTuber as well as a coveted director, videographer, and editor. Previously behind the scenes, Ben is now pursuing his passions via his own YouTube channel. His content is recognized by audiences for its exceptional production quality, honed over his years of his production work.

Most known for his viral cooking videos exploring unique and culturally significant recipes, Ben also has a passion for self-development. He strives to entertain and inspire viewers by sharing his unique life experiences while exploring different wellness trends — “vetting” them for the best tips and lessons for his viewers. All delivered in his signature earnest and optimistic voice, Ben’s lighthearted encouragement offer a reprieve for weary audiences.

Born and raised in England, he started his career as a drummer in rock band, “Young Guns.” Their single, “Bones,” reached #1 on the Billboard Active Rock charts in the U.S. In his production career, Ben has worked behind the camera shooting and editing for high-profile talents such as Nicole Richie, Kaia Gerber, Jen Atkins, and many more.

An all around creative powerhouse, Ben’s talents have brought him all over the world. In his previous work as Revolve’s key videographer, he captured exclusive behind-the-scenes moments of the most acclaimed influencers and celebrities.