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Amber Scholl

total reach 3.9MM+

Amber Scholl is an American fashion and beauty star, YouTube powerhouse, and Queen of DIY. She is known for her wildly popular “Broke Bitch Tips” series, and meteoric rise to social media stardom. Before launch of her YouTube channel, Amber drove for Postmates but crashed her car on the job. With nothing to lose and only a few dollars to her name, Amber launched her YouTube channel. In less than 1 year she garnered 1 million subscribers and by the end of the first year amassed 1.4 Million subscribers. Now merging both the budget and boujee worlds, Amber continues to be a strong advocate for dream manifestation.

Loved for her glam-girl aesthetics and vivacious personality, Amber has the unique ability to channel her positive spirit into highly informative and hilarious content. Embodying her life motto "ah, but what if it does?", Amber is living proof that you are what you dream.

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